Wrights Deviled Eggs

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Wright Rub Deviled Eggs are a great addition to Game Night and they go great with Wright Rub Wings, or Wright BBQ Sauce Wings. 

Deviled Eggs

Wright Rub Deviled Eggs 

18 eggs, boiled & peeled 

1/4 C shredded sharp cheddar 
1/4 C real bacon bits 
3 Tbs dill relish 
2 Tbs mayo 
1 Tbs prepared mustard 
1 Tbs Wright Rub and more to sprinkle on top 
salt & pepper lightly


  • I use both rubs and ur peach bar b Q sauce..I use it on mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and sprinkled rub on them before baking or grilling.

    Wanda Bistline on

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