Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Sauce History 

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2 Years ago on January 10, 2016 we officially put our Peach Chipotle Wright BBQ Sauce on the market. 

All the WAY back in 2005 we began competing in BBQ Competitions with some friends. Our first one was Stokin' the Fire at Sloss Furnaces. It was about 97 degrees, but we still had a blast and were immediately hooked!! We entered several more competitions and realized the need for our own flavor profile in a rub and sauce.  

Over the next 2 years we experimented with different flavors and ingredients. Being from Chilton County it seemed only natural we should try some peaches in our sauce. So we puréed some ripe juicy peaches to add to the sauce and finally had a sauce we all agreed was "Really Good", but still needed just a little something.  

Back in 2007 there was the "Winery on Main" in Downtown Clanton. We loved this place and they just happened to make a Chilton County Peach Wine. So of course we had to try it in our sauce, and it was exactly what we needed to make our sauce perfect!  

We made many batches of sauce from the recipe that included the peach wine. We ate a lot of the sauce, drank a lot of the wine and shared many jars of sauce with family and friends. Unfortunately the winery closed and we realized if we were ever going to put the sauce in production that using wine was not going to be cost effective. We tweaked the recipe with our favorite Peach soda and it made a great replacement.  

But sauce production was still on the back burner while we worked to get the rub recipe finalized and approved for production. Finally in June 2014 Wright Rub was officially on the market. We then moved our focus to the sauce and made our first production batch in August 2014.  

In April of 2015, we opened a small restaurant and began serving the sauce with several of the menu items. All of our customers loved it and began asking to buy it. We could sell from the restaurant but still had to get final approval for production to sell from other retail locations. In January of 2016 we finally received our approval and began selling sauce by the jar.

So there you have it, the history and evolution of our sauce recipe. It's not at all surprising when our customers tell us our sauce is good enough to drink.

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