About Us

Wright BBQ Company was formed out of a passion for cooking mouth watering BBQ. 

President Dan Wright grew up helping his parents cook and his love of cooking held strong during his teen and young adult years. When Dan met his wife Wendy she also shared a passion for cooking. The two have cooked for family and friends over the years and Dan began slow cooking BBQ during this time. Trial and error have given way to the best slow cooked BBQ you have ever eaten. 

Even after perfecting the cooking of BBQ something was still not right. The meat was tender, moist and tasted great, but Dan was not satisfied with any commercial seasonings. Thus the journey of making his own BBQ Seasoning began. The journey has been long and full of taste tests and recipe alterations. During the last trial recipe Dan mixed his ingredients, took a deep breath and tasted what he had just created. Immediately he knew that this recipe was 'The Wright Rub'. 

The Wright Rub is quickly becoming a hit among customers. Designed and sold as a BBQ seasoning customers are trying it on everything including steak, burgers and vegetables. 

Developing a signature BBQ Sauce was next. Dan's hometown of Clanton, Alabama is known for their Peaches. Home of the famous Chilton County Peaches, Dan knew that a BBQ Sauce based on Peaches had to be made. Just as the rub, through taste tests and recipe changes Wright BBQ's Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce was developed. A sweet sauce with just a lil' heat, the sauce is a culinary experience in itself. 

With many customers providing such feedback as "I seriously drink the Peach BBQ Sauce it is so good" and "I no longer use salt and pepper or any other seasonings, I only use Wright Rub"; our customers are driving our success. 

Wright BBQ Company is committed to quality over quantity. This commitment has allowed Dan to build his company to what it is today and is his founding principle. 

You can order Rub and Sauce on line or browse our retail locations.


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